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Tbilisi, GeorgiaTbilisi is the largest city in Georgia, and is practically in the heart of the Caucasus. Administratively it has the status of the Georgian capital, and is the largest industrial, financial and cultural center of the republic.

The city is located in a narrow strip along the Kura River, stretching almost 30 kilometers. The climate is mild continental, with long warm summers and very mild winters. According to some sources, earlier in the city there were woods, and the city itself was based on the detected here warm sulfur springs. Now, these sources are equipped with a bath. Incidentally, the name "Tbilisi" comes from the word "tbili" which means "warm". However, Georgians call themselves Tbilisi "Kalaki", which is translated as "city". For them it symbolizes that it is just a unique city. 

To date, the city's population exceeded 2 million. Most of the populations are Georgians and other nationalities in the city are 15%. These include the Armenian, Russian, Ukrainians, Azeris, Ossetians, Greeks and others. The main and official language - Georgian. Carriers of the Russian language are only a small part of residents, mostly elderly people. 

About 90% of believers in Georgia belong to the Orthodox Church. Muslims, Catholics and Jews are a small group. Throughout its history the city preserved Christianity as the main religion in this connection; the city has many temples of different eras (from the VI century). 

Architecture of the city is conventionally divided into Old and New Town. In the south-eastern part of Georgia there is an old city, built up 2-3-storied buildings with narrow streets between them. The new city is represented in tall buildings in European style, wide avenues, alleys and gardens. 

Also, Georgia is known for its theatrical traditions. Every year, January 14, here is celebrated the day of the Georgian Theatre. The history of the first theater in the city dates back to 1850, and today there are over ten major theaters of different directions. 
In addition, the city's many attractions, among which it worth mentioning the cathedral Sameba, Tbilisi TV Broadcasting Tower, Botanical Garden and the original building of Soviet architecture - the building of the Ministry of highways.

 Finally, around Tbilisi there scattered many small and cozy cafes, which have a huge choice of dishes of Georgian cuisine, and where the course will offer a map of the famous Georgian wines.

Tbilisi, Georgia Tbilisi, Georgia Tbilisi, Georgia
Tbilisi, Georgia Tbilisi, Georgia Tbilisi, Georgia
Tbilisi, Georgia Tbilisi, Georgia Tbilisi, Georgia