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Museums of Tbilisi

By number of sites of different periods, directions and forms of Tbilisi may be one big museum city, but here are the place to be and museums in the classic sense of the word.
One of the largest museums in not only Georgia but the entire Caucasus is the State Museum of Georgia, which has a huge fund of exhibits, dating from prehistoric times to the present day.
Georgia Museum of Art – is the perfect reflection of painting, sculpture and architecture of the Georgian people. Above all, this museum preserves the most hallowed shrines for Tbilisi people: the cross of Queen Tamara and an icon of Anchi, revered as the main icon of Georgia.
Not less interesting is the museum of folk architecture, which presented the diversity of historic buildings Georgians. It completes the whole picture perfect finishing facilities, which reflects the life of medieval people.
The list of museums do not end on this, in Tbilisi there scattered a set of house-museums of famous people of Georgian culture and no less interesting Silk Museum and the Museum of Georgian Jews.

Museums of Tbilisi list: