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Theatres of Tbilisi

For over 150 years the Georgian theater actors delight their audience by interesting plot and beautiful play. Tbilisi is famous for unique theatrical traditions, which were assessed by such internationally renowned figures as Tchaikovsky and Chaliapin.
The city annually celebrates the Theater Day on January 14. And not surprising, since the city has over a dozen major theaters. Among these, we highlight the Russian Drama Theatre under Griboedov, Theatre Rustaveli, the Theatre of Opera and Ballet.
In addition to this great trio, the city has a lot of decent theaters, which deserve equal attention. And as the old proverb says: "Better to see once than hear hundred times." This also applies to Tbilisi theaters, the theatres that have a look at the scenic excellence and dramatic techniques. Do not miss your chance to visit the theaters, which intertwined Western and Eastern theatrical traditions.

Theatres of Tbilisi list: